Dr. Robin Palmisano Shuchman first became interested in chiropractic care following her studies of nutrition during college. She graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics. She knew there was more to health and wellness than following proper dietary guidelines, so she explored the world of chiropractic treatment. She was amazed at how she no longer suffered from respiratory or urinary tract infections. She entered Parker College of Chiropractic and graduated with a doctorate, a bachelor’s degree in anatomy and a classmate she now calls her husband, Dr. Mitch. Dr. Robin is originally from New Orleans, but now calls Frisco, TX her home.

As a nutritionist, she has always been interested in health and diet. Dr. Robin has a love for chiropractic, knowing that it will allow her to make a positive difference in her patients’ lives every day. In addition to performing regular adjustments on her patients, she specializes in the care and treatment of pregnant women, children and in those patients requesting dietary lifestyle modifications. She performs one on one nutritional counseling and will design a specific plan highlighting weight loss or gain or detoxification.

Dr. Mitch Shuchman first became interested in chiropractic care following an episode of low back pain that was a result of a childhood hip infection. He was impressed at how quickly a few adjustments brought him relief from pain and allowed him to return to normal activities. He was working for a group of orthopedic surgeons specializing in treating professional athletes when he saw, first hand, that surgery wasn’t always the answer.

Dr. Mitch received his bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science from Penn State and graduated with his Doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic. Dr. Mitch is originally from New York, but has made Texas his home since 1996. He currently resides in Frisco, TX with his wife and practicing partner, Dr. Robin.

As a weight lifter and avid golfer, he has always been interested in health and fitness. The opportunity to help other people appeals to him the most and is what has drawn him to continue his chiropractic career.

Dr. Mitch is also a designated doctor for the state of Texas and has performed many examinations to determine the extent of injury as a result of a work accident. In addition to performing regular adjustments on his patients, Dr. Mitch has advanced training in exercise, fitness and rehabilitation and specializes in sporting injuries. He performs one on one training and will design a tailored work out regime to achieve physical fitness.

If you would like to visit with Dr. Robin or Dr. Mitch about your health concerns, please call the office today. We are here to help!