Research shows that specific, targeted exercise routines can be helpful in rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries. After we get you out of pain with active treatment, you will be given a specific exercise regimen to rehabilitate the problem area.

Exercise rehabilitation has two goals:

  1. Strengthen muscles and ligaments to that they can render proper support, thus reducing the chance of relapse.
  2. Re-train the affected joint structure by moving it through its full range of motion under a load, which will enable it to function better. The exercises we teach are easy to do, and don’t require bulky equipment. This is important, because you will also need to do them at home in order to get the best possible results.

Dr. Mitch will consult with you on whatever your conditioning goals may be, including weight loss, muscle building, flexibility and coordination, toning or disease prevention. He will review your rehabilitation requirements and devise a plan tailored to your specific fitness level.

We Also Offer K-Laser Treatments!